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8  Medium Access Control (MAC) Procedures in Packet Transfer Mode
8.0  General
8.1  Transfer of RLC data blocks
8.1.0  Medium access mode
8.1.1  Uplink RLC data block transferPDF-p. 59  Dynamic allocation uplink RLC data block transferPDF-p. 61Up  Extended Dynamic Allocation uplink RLC data block transfer  Fixed Allocation uplink RLC data block transferUp  Exclusive allocation RLC data block transferPDF-p. 71  Network initiated release of uplink TBF  Abnormal cases
8.1.2  Downlink RLC data block transferPDF-p. 76
8.1.3  Concurrent TBF procedures for half duplex operation
8.2  Packet PDCH Release
8.3  Procedure for measurement report sending in Packet Transfer modePDF-p. 83
8.4  Network controlled cell reselection procedure
8.5  Measurement Order procedures in Packet Transfer modePDF-p. 85
8.7  Abnormal cases

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