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11   List of system parameters   PDF-p. 287      Up
A   Example of subaddress information element coding   PDF-p. 292
B  (Normative)   Compatibility checking   PDF-p. 293
C  (Normative)   Low layer information coding principles   PDF-p. 294
D   Examples of bearer capability information element coding   PDF-p. 295      Up
E   Comparison between call control procedures specified in 3GPP TS 24.008 and CCITT Recommendation Q.931   PDF-p. 296
F   GSM specific cause values for radio resource management   PDF-p. 297
G   GSM specific cause values for mobility management   PDF-p. 299
H   GSM specific cause values for call control   PDF-p. 300
I   GSM specific cause values for session management   PDF-p. 301
J   Algorithm to encode frequency list information elements   PDF-p. 302
K   Default Codings of Information Elements   PDF-p. 310
L  (Normative)   Additional Requirements for backward compatibility with PCS 1900 for NA revision 0 ME   PDF-p. 311
M   Change history   PDF-p. 312

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