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10   General message format and information elements coding
10.1   Overview
10.2   Protocol Discriminator   PDF-p. 175      Up
10.3   Skip indicator
10.4   Message Type   PDF-p. 176
10.5   Other information elements   PDF-p. 177
10.5.1   Common information elements   PDF-p. 179
10.5.2   Radio Resource management information elements   BA Range   Cell Channel Description   PDF-p. 180   BA List Pref   UTRAN Frequency List   PDF-p. 187   Cell Description   Cell Options (BCCH)   PDF-p. 188   Cell Options (SACCH)      Up   Cell Selection Parameters   PDF-p. 189   MAC Mode and Channel Coding Requested   PDF-p. 190   Channel Description   PDF-p. 191   Channel Description 2   PDF-p. 193   Channel Mode   PDF-p. 195   Channel Mode 2   PDF-p. 196   UTRAN Classmark information element   Void   Classmark Enquiry Mask   Channel Needed   PDF-p. 197   Channel Request Description      Up   Channel Request Description 2   PDF-p. 199   Cipher Mode Setting   Cipher Response   PDF-p. 200   Control Channel Description   DTM Information Details   PDF-p. 203   Frequency Channel Sequence   Frequency List   PDF-p. 204   Frequency Short List   Frequency Short List 2   PDF-p. 214   Group Channel Description   GPRS Resumption   PDF-p. 216   GPRS broadcast information   Handover Reference      Up   IA Rest Octets   PDF-p. 217   IAR Rest Octets   PDF-p. 222   IAX Rest Octets   PDF-p. 223   L2 Pseudo Length   Measurement Results   PDF-p. 224   GPRS Measurement Results   PDF-p. 226   Mobile Allocation   PDF-p. 227   Mobile Time Difference   MultiRate configuration   PDF-p. 228   Multislot Allocation   PDF-p. 230      Up   NC mode   PDF-p. 231   Neighbour Cell Description   PDF-p. 232   Neighbour Cell Description 2   PDF-p. 233   Void   NT/N Rest Octets   P1 Rest Octets   PDF-p. 234   P2 Rest Octets   PDF-p. 235   P3 Rest Octets   PDF-p. 236   Packet Channel Description   Dedicated mode or TBF   PDF-p. 238   RR Packet Uplink Assignment   PDF-p. 239      Up   RR Packet Downlink Assignment   PDF-p. 243   Page Mode   PDF-p. 245   Void   Void   Void   Void   NCC Permitted   PDF-p. 246   Power Command   Power Command and access type   PDF-p. 247   RACH Control Parameters   PDF-p. 248   Request Reference   PDF-p. 249   RR Cause   PDF-p. 250   SI 1 Rest Octets   PDF-p. 251   SI 2bis Rest Octets   PDF-p. 252      Up   SI 2ter Rest Octets   SI 2quater Rest Octets   PDF-p. 253   SI 3 Rest Octets   PDF-p. 257   SI 4 Rest Octets   PDF-p. 259   SI 6 Rest Octets   PDF-p. 262   SI 7 Rest Octets   PDF-p. 263   SI 8 Rest Octets   SI 9 Rest Octets   SI 13 Rest Octets   PDF-p. 265   Void   Void   SI 16 Rest Octets   PDF-p. 268      Up   SI 17 Rest Octets   PDF-p. 269   SI 19 Rest Octets   SI 18 Rest Octets   PDF-p. 272   SI 20 Rest Octets   PDF-p. 274   Starting Time   Synchronization Indication   Timing Advance   PDF-p. 275   Time Difference   TLLI   PDF-p. 276   TMSI/P-TMSI      Up   VGCS target mode Indication   PDF-p. 277   Wait Indication   SI10 rest octets $(ASCI)$   PDF-p. 278   EXTENDED MEASUREMENT RESULTS   PDF-p. 280   Extended Measurement Frequency List   PDF-p. 282   Suspension Cause   APDU ID   PDF-p. 283   APDU Flags   APDU Data   PDF-p. 284   Handover To UTRAN Command      Up   Handover To cdma2000 Command   PDF-p. 285   Void   Void   Void   3G Target Cell
10.5.3   Mobility management information elements.   PDF-p. 286
10.5.4   Call control information elements.
10.5.5   GPRS mobility management information elements
10.5.6   Session management information elements
10.5.7   GPRS Common information elements
10.5.8   GTTP information elements

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