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3.4   Procedures in dedicated mode and in group transmit mode
3.4.1   SACCH procedures
3.4.2   Transfer of messages and link layer service provision
3.4.3   Channel assignment procedure
3.4.4   Handover procedure   PDF-p. 47
3.4.4a   Handover to UTRAN procedure   PDF-p. 53
3.4.4b   Handover to CDMA2000 procedure
3.4.5   Frequency redefinition procedure      Up
3.4.6   Channel mode modify procedure
3.4.7   Ciphering mode setting procedure   PDF-p. 58
3.4.8   Additional channel assignment procedure   PDF-p. 59
3.4.9   Partial channel release procedure   PDF-p. 60
3.4.10   Classmark change procedure
3.4.11   Classmark interrogation procedure   PDF-p. 61
3.4.12   Indication of notifications and paging information
3.4.13   RR connection release procedure
3.4.14   Receiving a RR STATUS message by a RR entity
3.4.15   Group receive mode procedures      Up
3.4.16   Configuration change procedure      Up
3.4.17   Mapping of user data substreams onto timeslots in a multislot configuration   PDF-p. 70
3.4.18   Handling of classmark information at band change
3.4.19   Assignment to a Packet Data channel
3.4.20   RR-Network Controlled Cell Change Order      Up
3.4.21   Application Procedures
3.4.22   RR procedures related to packet resource establishment while in dedicated mode   PDF-p. 76
3.4.23   RR procedures related to packet resource maintenance while in dual transfer mode
3.4.24   RR procedures related to packet resource release while in dual transfer mode
3.4.25   GPRS suspension procedure
3.4.26   GPRS Transparent Transport Procedure

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