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H   GSM specific cause values for call control   PDF-p. 599      Up
H.1   Normal class
H.2   Resource unavailable class
H.3   Service or option not available class
H.4   Service or option not implemented class
H.5   Invalid message (e.g., parameter out of range) class      Up
H.6   Protocol error (e.g., unknown message) class
H.7   Interworking class
I   GSM specific cause values for session management   PDF-p. 605
J   Algorithm to encode frequency list information elements   PDF-p. 607      Up
K   Default Codings of Information Elements   PDF-p. 615
L   Allocation of responsibilities between STCs   PDF-p. 619
M  (Normative)   Additional Requirements for backward compatibility with PCS 1900 for NA revision 0 ME
N   Change Record   PDF-p. 620

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