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10.5.3   Mobility management information elements   PDF-p. 494
10.5.4   Call control information elements   PDF-p. 502   Extensions of codesets      Up   Locking shift procedure   PDF-p. 503   Non-locking shift procedure   Auxiliary states   PDF-p. 504   Bearer capability   PDF-p. 505   Call Control Capabilities   PDF-p. 517   Call state   PDF-p. 518   Called party BCD number   PDF-p. 519   Called party subaddress   PDF-p. 521   Calling party BCD number   PDF-p. 522      Up   Calling party subaddress   PDF-p. 523   Cause   PDF-p. 524   CLIR suppression   PDF-p. 529   CLIR invocation   Congestion level   Connected number   PDF-p. 530   Connected subaddress   Facility   PDF-p. 531   High layer compatibility   Keypad facility   Low layer compatibility   PDF-p. 533   More data   Notification indicator   Progress indicator   PDF-p. 534   Recall type $(CCBS)$   PDF-p. 535   Redirecting party BCD number   PDF-p. 536   Redirecting party subaddress   Repeat indicator   PDF-p. 537   Reverse call setup direction      Up   SETUP Container $(CCBS)$   Signal   PDF-p. 538   SS Version Indicator   User-user   PDF-p. 539   Alerting Pattern $(NIA)$   PDF-p. 540   Allowed actions $(CCBS)$   PDF-p. 541
10.5.5   GPRS mobility management information elements
10.5.6   Session management information elements   PDF-p. 557
10.5.7   GPRS Common information elements   PDF-p. 568
11   List of system parameters   PDF-p. 569

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