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(part 4 of 13)



4.5   Connection management sublayer service provision      Up
4.6   Receiving a MM STATUS message by a MM entity      Up
4.7   Elementary mobility management procedures for GPRS services   PDF-p. 139
4.7.1   General
4.7.2   GPRS Mobility management timers      Up
4.7.3   GPRS attach procedure   PDF-p. 144
4.7.4   GPRS detach procedure      Up
4.7.5   Routing area updating procedure   PDF-p. 158
4.7.6   P-TMSI reallocation procedure
4.7.7   Authentication and ciphering procedure   PDF-p. 169
4.7.8   Identification procedure   PDF-p. 172      Up
4.7.9   Paging procedure   PDF-p. 174
4.7.10   Receiving a GMM STATUS message by a GMM entity      Up
4.7.11   GMM support for anonymous access
4.7.12   GMM Information procedure

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