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4   Elementary procedures for Mobility Management
4.1   General
4.1.1   MM and GMM procedures   PDF-p. 92
4.1.2   MM sublayer states
4.1.3   GPRS mobility management (GMM) sublayer states   PDF-p. 101
4.2   Behaviour of the MS in MM Idle state, GMM-DEREGISTERED state and GMM-REGISTERED state
4.2.1   Primary Service State selection   PDF-p. 107      Up
4.2.2   Detailed Description of the MS behaviour in MM IDLE State   PDF-p. 108
4.2.3   Service state when back to state MM IDLE from another state
4.2.4   Behaviour in state GMM-DEREGISTERED   PDF-p. 112
4.2.5   Behaviour in state GMM-REGISTERED
4.3   MM common procedures
4.4   MM specific procedures

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