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4   Elementary procedures for Mobility Management   PDF-p. 91
4.1   General
4.1.1   MM and GMM procedures   PDF-p. 92
4.1.2   MM sublayer states
4.1.3   GPRS mobility management (GMM) sublayer states   PDF-p. 101      Up
4.2   Behaviour of the MS in MM Idle state, GMM-DEREGISTERED state and GMM-REGISTERED state      Up
4.2.1   Primary Service State selection   PDF-p. 107
4.2.2   Detailed Description of the MS behaviour in MM IDLE State   PDF-p. 108
4.2.3   Service state when back to state MM IDLE from another state
4.2.4   Behaviour in state GMM-DEREGISTERED   PDF-p. 112
4.2.5   Behaviour in state GMM-REGISTERED
4.3   MM common procedures      Up
4.4   MM specific procedures
4.5   Connection management sublayer service provision
4.6   Receiving a MM STATUS message by a MM entity
4.7   Elementary mobility management procedures for GPRS services   PDF-p. 139
4.7.1   General
4.7.2   GPRS Mobility management timers
4.7.3   GPRS attach procedure   PDF-p. 144
4.7.4   GPRS detach procedure
4.7.5   Routing area updating procedure   PDF-p. 158      Up
4.7.6   P-TMSI reallocation procedure      Up
4.7.7   Authentication and ciphering procedure   PDF-p. 169
4.7.8   Identification procedure   PDF-p. 172
4.7.9   Paging procedure   PDF-p. 174
4.7.10   Receiving a GMM STATUS message by a GMM entity
4.7.11   GMM support for anonymous access
4.7.12   GMM Information procedure
5   Elementary procedures for circuit-switched Call Control
5.1   Overview
5.1.1   General      Up
5.1.2   Call Control States   PDF-p. 180   Call states at the mobile station side of the interface   Network call states      Up
5.2   Call establishment procedures      Up
5.2.1   Mobile originating call establishment
5.2.2   Mobile terminating call establishment
5.2.3   Network initiated MO call $(CCBS)$
5.3   Signalling procedures during the "active" state
5.4   Call clearing
5.5   Miscellaneous procedures

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