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3.4   Procedures in dedicated mode and in group transmit mode
3.4.1   SACCH procedures
3.4.2   Transfer of messages and link layer service provision   PDF-p. 57
3.4.3   Channel assignment procedure
3.4.4   Handover procedure   PDF-p. 60
3.4.5   Frequency redefinition procedure   PDF-p. 65
3.4.6   Channel mode modify procedure
3.4.7   Ciphering mode setting procedure
3.4.8   Additional channel assignment procedure   PDF-p. 68
3.4.9   Partial channel release procedure
3.4.10   Classmark change procedure
3.4.11   Classmark interrogation procedure
3.4.12   Indication of notifications and paging information   PDF-p. 70
3.4.13   RR connection release procedure
3.4.14   Receiving a RR STATUS message by a RR entity
3.4.15   Group receive mode procedures      Up
3.4.16   Configuration change procedure
3.4.17   Mapping of user data substreams onto timeslots in a multislot configuration
3.4.18   Handling of classmark information at band change   PDF-p. 78
3.4.19   Assignment to a Packet Data channel
3.4.20   RR-Network Commanded Cell Change Order
3.4.21   Application Procedures   PDF-p. 82
3.5   RR procedures on CCCH related to temporary block flow establishment

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