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TS 04.08 (CT1)
Mobile radio interface layer 3 specification

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(P) GSM Rel-98 v7.21.0    2003/12    625 p.
(P) GSM Rel-97 v6.21.1    2003/09    634 p.
(P) GSM Rel-96 v5.20.0    2003/07    450 p.
(P) GSM Phase-2 v4.25.0    2003/07    366 p.
(W-zip) GSM Phase-1 v3.14.0    1997/09    450 p.

Rapporteur:  HOWELL, Andrew
Descendants:  TS 04.08dcs     TS 04.08ext     TS 24.008    

This TS specifies the procedures used at the radio interface (Reference Point Um, see TS 04.02) for Call Control (CC), Mobility Management (MM), Radio Resource (RR) management and Session Management (SM).

These procedures are defined in terms of messages exchanged over the control channels of the radio interface. The control channels are described in TS 04.03. The structured functions and procedures of this protocol and the relationship with other layers and entities are described in general terms in TS 04.07.


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0   Scope   PDF-p. 28
1   References   PDF-p. 33
2   Definitions and abbreviations   PDF-p. 36
3   Radio Resource management procedures   PDF-p. 37
3.1   Overview/General
3.2   Idle mode procedures and general procedures in packet idle and packet transfer modes   PDF-p. 43
3.3   RR connection establishment
3.3.1   RR connection establishment initiated by the mobile station
3.3.2   Paging procedure for RR connection establishment   PDF-p. 51
3.3.3   Notification procedure
3.4   Procedures in dedicated mode and in group transmit mode
3.4.1   SACCH procedures
3.4.2   Transfer of messages and link layer service provision   PDF-p. 57
3.4.3   Channel assignment procedure
3.4.4   Handover procedure   PDF-p. 60
3.4.5   Frequency redefinition procedure   PDF-p. 65
3.4.6   Channel mode modify procedure
3.4.7   Ciphering mode setting procedure      Up
3.4.8   Additional channel assignment procedure   PDF-p. 68
3.4.9   Partial channel release procedure
3.4.10   Classmark change procedure      Up
3.4.11   Classmark interrogation procedure
3.4.12   Indication of notifications and paging information   PDF-p. 70
3.4.13   RR connection release procedure
3.4.14   Receiving a RR STATUS message by a RR entity
3.4.15   Group receive mode procedures
3.4.16   Configuration change procedure
3.4.17   Mapping of user data substreams onto timeslots in a multislot configuration
3.4.18   Handling of classmark information at band change   PDF-p. 78
3.4.19   Assignment to a Packet Data channel      Up
3.4.20   RR-Network Commanded Cell Change Order
3.4.21   Application Procedures   PDF-p. 82
3.5   RR procedures on CCCH related to temporary block flow establishment

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