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10   Interlayer service interfaces on the Network side   PDF-p. 72
10.1   Services provided by the Radio Resource Management entity      Up
10.2   Services provided by the Mobility Management entity
10.3   Services provided by radio resource management entity for GPRS services      Up
10.4   Services provided by the LLC entity for GPRS services
10.5   Services provided by the GMM for GPRS services   PDF-p. 80
10.6   Services provided by the Radio Resource Management entity for CTS on the fixed part      Up
11   L3 Messages
11.1   General
11.2   Standard L3 messages
11.3   Non standard L3 messages
11.4   Handling of superfluous information
A   MN-Services arrow diagram   PDF-p. 94
B   Description of CSN.1   PDF-p. 101
C   GPRS-Services sequence diagram   PDF-p. 107
D   Change Request History   PDF-p. 125

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