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7   Services provided by signalling layer 3 on the Network side
7.1   Call control services
7.2   Call independent Supplementary Services Support
7.3   Short Message Services Support      Up
7.4   Services provided to SNDCP and SMS entities by GPRS Logical Link Control services
7.5   Session Management Services for GPRS
7.6   Location services at the Network side      Up
8   Services assumed from signalling layers 1 and 2
9   Interlayer service interfaces on the MS side
9.1   Services provided by the Radio Resource Management entity
9.2   Services provided by the Mobility Management entity
9.3   Services provided by radio resource management entity for GPRS services
9.4   Services provided by the LLC entity for GPRS services   PDF-p. 68
9.5   Registration Services provided for GPRS Services

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