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8 TA based Positioning    8.1 Definition of TA states    8.2 TA Positioning Procedure for an NSS based SMLC    8.3 TA Positioning Procedure for a BSS based SMLC    8.4 Unsuccessful TA positioning procedure in BSC    9 TOA based positioning    9.1 TOA procedures    10 E-OTD and GPS Positioning Procedures    10.1 General Procedures    10.2 Positioning for BSS based SMLC    10.3 Positioning for NSS based SMLC    10.4 Assistance Data Delivery from BSS based SMLC    10.5 Assistance Data Delivery from NSS based SMLC    10.6 Error Handling for E-OTD and GPS    10.7 Broadcast OF ASSISTANCE DATA    11 Position calculation functionality    11.1 TA    11.2 Time Of Arrival (TOA) Positioning mechanism    11.3 Enhanced Observed Time Difference (E-OTD)    11.4 Global Positioning System (GPS) positioning mechanism    12 Information storage    12.1 HLR    12.2 VLR    12.3 GMLC    12.4 SMLC    12.5 Recovery and Restoration Procedures    13 Operational Aspects    A Examples of MT-LR    A.1 PLMN Roles    A.2 Non-Call Related MT-LR    A.3 Call Related MT-LR    B Description of TOA    C Description of E-OTD    C.1 Basic Concepts    C.2 Position Calculation Types    C.3 Implementation Issues    D Description Of Assisted GPS    D.1 Assisted-GPS    D.2 MS-Assisted GPS    D.3 MS-Based GPS    D.4 References    E Privacy class selection rule    F Change History   


8   TA based Positioning   PDF-p. 73
9   TOA based positioning   PDF-p. 76
10   E-OTD and GPS Positioning Procedures   PDF-p. 80
11   Position calculation functionality   PDF-p. 90
12   Information storage   PDF-p. 91      Up
13   Operational Aspects
A   Examples of MT-LR   PDF-p. 98
B   Description of TOA   PDF-p. 101
C   Description of E-OTD   PDF-p. 102
D   Description Of Assisted GPS   PDF-p. 105
E   Privacy class selection rule   PDF-p. 109
F   Change History   PDF-p. 110

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