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7   General Network Location Procedures   PDF-p. 31      Up
7.1   State Description for the GMLC
7.2   State Description for the VMSC      Up
7.3   State Description for the BSC
7.4   State Description for the SMLC   PDF-p. 35
7.5   Usage of SCCP Connections on the Ls and Lb interfaces
7.6   General Network Positioning Procedures
7.6.1   Mobile Terminating Location Request (MT-LR)   PDF-p. 38
7.6.2   MT-LR without HLR Query - applicable to North America Emergency Calls only
7.6.3   MT-LR for a previously obtained location estimate   PDF-p. 41      Up
7.6.4   Network Induced Location Request (NI-LR)      Up
7.6.4A   NI-LR using Location Based Routing – applicable to North American Emergency Calls only   PDF-p. 45
7.6.5   Network Induced Location Request (NI-LR) from a Serving BSC for a target MS in dedicated mode   PDF-p. 47
7.6.6   Mobile Originating Location Request (MO-LR)
7.7   Common Procedures to Support Positioning   PDF-p. 51
7.8   Common Procedures to Support Access to an LMU
7.9   Common Control Procedures for LMUs
7.10   Common Procedures supporting Interaction between Peer SMLCs   PDF-p. 64
7.11   Exception Procedures   PDF-p. 65
7.12   Privacy   PDF-p. 69
7.13   Mobile Originating Location   PDF-p. 71
7.14   CM Procedures
7.15   Radio Interface Timing Procedures   PDF-p. 72

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