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A   Considerations on the Acoustic Interface of the Mobile Station   PDF-p. 37
B  (Normative)   Test considerations   PDF-p. 38
C  (Normative)   Transmission requirements testing   PDF-p. 44
C.1   Loudness ratings
C.2   Idle Channel Noise
C.3   Sensitivity/frequency characteristics
C.4   Distortion
C.5   Variation of gain with input level   PDF-p. 48      Up
C.6   Sidetone
C.7   Sidetone distortion   PDF-p. 49
C.8   Out-of-band signals
C.9   Acoustic echo loss   PDF-p. 50
C.10   Delay for handsfree MS   PDF-p. 51
C.11   Ambient noise rejection   PDF-p. 52
D  (Normative)   MS delay requirement definition   PDF-p. 54
E   Adaptive gain control   PDF-p. 56
F   Change Request History   PDF-p. 57

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