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6   Service Centre functionality
7   MS functionality
8   Node functionality      Up
9   Protocols and protocol architecture      Up
9.1   Protocol element features   PDF-p. 33
9.2   Service provided by the SM-TL   PDF-p. 36
9.2.1   General      Up
9.2.2   PDU Type repertoire at SM-TL
9.2.3   Definition of the TPDU parameters   PDF-p. 50   TP-Message-Type-Indicator (TP-MTI)   TP-More-Messages-to-Send (TP-MMS)      Up   TP-Validity-Period-Format (TP-VPF)   PDF-p. 51   TP-Status-Report-Indication (TP-SRI)   TP-Status-Report-Request (TP-SRR)   TP-Message-Reference (TP-MR)   TP-Originating-Address (TP-OA)   PDF-p. 52   TP-Destination-Address (TP-DA)   TP-Protocol-Identifier (TP-PID)   TP-Data-Coding-Scheme (TP-DCS)   PDF-p. 54   TP-Service-Centre-Time-Stamp (TP-SCTS)   TP-Validity-Period (TP-VP)      Up   TP-Discharge-Time (TP-DT)   TP-Recipient-Address (TP-RA)   PDF-p. 56   TP-Status (TP-ST)   TP-User-Data-Length (TP-UDL)   PDF-p. 57   TP-Reply-Path (TP-RP)   TP-Message-Number (TP-MN)   TP-Command-Type (TP-CT)      Up   TP-Command-Data-Length (TP-CDL)   PDF-p. 58   TP-Command-Data (TP-CD)   TP-Failure-Cause (TP-FCS)   TP-User-Data-Header-Indicator (TP-UDHI)   PDF-p. 60   TP-User Data (TP-UD)   TP-Reject-Duplicates (TP-RD)   TP-Status-Report-Qualifier (TP-SRQ)   PDF-p. 70   TP-Parameter-Indicator (TP-PI)
9.3   Service provided by the SM-RL

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